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Orlické hory, Podorlicko, Broumovsko, Kladské pomezí, Podkrkonoší region and area of Králický Sněžník are situated in the north side of East Bohemia. On contrary, the tourist district Českomoravské pomezí and Železné hory is situated in the south side of East Bohemia. Thanks to picturesqueness of nature and richness of cultural relics the East Bohemia is one of the most interesting places. Mentioned regions placed on the area of Hradec Králové and Pardubice, region. Every year most of the East Bohemia´s monuments basks in considerable visit rate although the regions are not big.

The main edge of Orlické hory consists of three joint parts - Deštenská hornatina, Mladkovská vrchovina and Bukovohorská hornatina. The highest peak of Orlické hory is Velká Deštná ( 1115 metres above sea level ). Along Orlické hory on polish side you can find mountains "Góry Bystrzyckie" with the highest peak Jagodna ( 977 metres above sea level ). State boundary is composed of Divoká Orlice River springing in Poland in the large peat-bog Topielisko and Czarne bagno. One of the most interesting places is area between Bartošovice and Čihák, called Zemská brána where Divoká Orlice pierces mountain massif. Its water is the main source of the water reservoir Pastvinská přehrada. If you are looking for some romantic place, we recommend you valleys of the following rivers Metuje, Olešenka, Zlatý potok, Bělá, Zdobnice, Říčka, Kněžná and Tichá Orlice. In case of amazing view of surroundings you will appreciate the main tourist lane Jiráskova stezka which follows almost the whole edge of Orlické hory. Significant part of Orlické hory was pronounced as the protected landscape area in 1969. Concerning the fauna and flora the region of Orlicke Mountains presents a rich area with the appearance of infrequent and protected species. Neratov has been a famous pilgrim site since the 1660s. The Neratov Baroque Church of the Assumption on of the Virgin Mary was probably built according to the plans of G. B. Alliprandi in 1723 - 1733. Waste system of military fortification and fortresses of 1935-1938 increases attraction of mountains. In winter this area attracts skiers to ski districts Deštné, Zdobnice, Říčky. In summer visitors of Orlické hory can make the best of a huge number of marked footpaths and bicycle lanes.

Podorlicko is waste area between the mountain edge and railway lines Náchod - Choceň - Litomyšl and Svitavy - Česká Třebová - Králíky. Starting points to Orlické hory are the following cities Náchod, Nové Město nad Metují, Dobruška, Opočno, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Rokytnice v O. h., Kostelec nad Orlicí, Vamberk, Žamberk, Letohrad, Ústí nad Orlicí, Lanškroun, Choceň, Jablonné nad Orlicí, Brandýs nad Orlicí, Česká Třebová and Vysoké Mýto. In Podorlickou there are a lot of extant mansions allocated mostly in waste parks with scarce woody plants like Častolovice, Doudleby nad Orlicí, Potštejn etc. We recommend you to visit other interesting places of region East Bohemia like tourist districts Broumovsko, Kladské and Českomoravské pomezí, Železné hory, Podzvičinsko, Králický Sněžník.

The highest peaks of region are allocated in the northeast in Kladský výběžek, on borders with Poland. The massif Králický Sněžník with the same named peak ( 1423 metres above sea level ) situated between Orlické hory and Hrubý Jeseník is the third highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Peaks of Králický Sněžník stay covered by snow till the end of spring. The whole area with the rest of original vegetation, karstic effects, scarce fauna and peat-bogs was pronounced as national nature reserve. The starting points to the area Králický Sněžník are the following cities Králíky, Dolní Morava and Staré Město pod Sněžníkem. The area is one of the less ecologically damaged territory same as one of the most attractive territory for tourists in the Czech Republic. In summer it offers perfect conditions for hiking, cycling and in winter for downhill ski and ski running.

Between Orlické hory (Podorlicko) and Krkonoše there is area of Kladské pomezí. Downy countryside with a lot of view points is typical for Kladské pomezí. This area neighbouring upon Poland offers possibility of recognition of the pure nature and local interesting things. This frontier region with administrative centre Náchod has its long-time history particularly really important trade route from Bohemia to Kladsko. The biggest of nine protected areas of Kladské pomezí is the protected area Broumovsko pronounced in 1991. Its main function is protection and stepwise renewal of countryside, variety of species of fauna and flora, protection of quality water being under Polická pánev and sustainable growth of tourism. According to the visitors the most favourite places are national nature reserve Adršpašské and teplické skály, country of Božena Němcová Česká Skalice with Babiččino údolí and water reservoir Rozkoš, Hronov - native town of Alois Jirásek, Broumov with baroque monastery of Benedictines, Teplice nad Metují, Police nad Metují with near rocky hills of national nature reserve Broumovské stěny and Ostaš, Červený Kostelec with the tradition of international folklore festival and recreational ponds Špinka and Brodský and Jaroměř - Josefov attractive for history lovers. We can not leave out Ruprechtický Špičák (880 metres above sea level), well known view-tower providing amazing panoramic view. On borders between Kladského pomezí and tourist district Krkonoše and Podkrkonoší there are Jestřebí Mountains with the view-tower Žaltman (739 metres above sea level), Úpice with well-known observatory, Malé Svatoňovice with the Museum of brothers Čapeks and Rtyně v Podkrkonoší with the bell tower and museum.

Hereabouts there is another interesting tourist district Krkonoše and Podkrkonoší. In respect of extent Podzvičinsko is not a large tourist district but provide you a lot of beautiful natural phenomenon and valuable historical monuments in terms of art without necessity of long travelling. There is a brief summary of attractive places of this area: Dvůr Králové nad Labem with favourite zoological garden with safari, Spork´s baroque Hospital Kuks and Braun´s creche, Hořice v Podkrkonoší city of stone beauty, Lázně Bělohrad with long history of balneology and Nová Paka the centre of Novopacko and the eastern gate of Geopark Český ráj.

The tourist district Českomoravské pomezí is situated in the south eastern part of region East Bohemia and Pardubice region. Českomoravské pomezí is region of great musical personalities. International opera festival Smetanova Litomyšl and international festival Martinů fest are terms well-known all around the world. Central administrative, economic and cultural districts of the region are the following cities Svitavy, Litomyšl, Moravská Třebová, Polička, Jevíčko and Bystré. As some interesting things we can mention some architectural, artistic and technical monuments whose variety and diversity are typical of this region. Chateau in Litomyšl was inscribed in the list of world cultural heritage UNESCO. After special reconstruction of the city centre, city Svitavy was awarded a prize for the most successful restoration of city zone in the Czech Republic. Renaissance monuments make up contemporary feature of the monument reserve Moravská Třebová and show the whole period of development of this movement. Newly reconstructed medieval walls long 1,2 kilometres with regularly allocated towers surround the historical part of town Polička. Almost every town of tourist district Českomoravské pomezí has its own museum, Jevíčko, Bystrý, Mladějov and others too. On the border of Podorlicko and tourist district Českomoravské pomezí is situated Vysoké Mýto, town with rich history and well-preserved historical monuments. Territory between Bohemia and Moravia is perfect place for recognising historical monuments, culture and for walking in well-preserved nature.

On the southwest of the region there is the jut of Českomoravská vysočina - Železné hory- mostly hilly terrain also called tourist district Chrudimsko - Hlinecko. Dominating feature of the region is Železnohorský hřbet with the highest peak Vestec. The territory is drained off by two important rivers - Chrudimka and Doubrava - and the countryside along them is one of the most attractive. The administrative and cultural centre is town Chrudim with favourite museum of marionettes. Near Chrudim there is the town Slatiňany with hippo logic museum in the chateau. Eastwards from Slatiňany, near the water reservoir Seč there is village Nasavrky with Celtic museum and Třemošnice. One of the most frequented places is System of folk buildings on Veselý kopec and in the centre of Hlinecko in the town Hlinsko. Under the view-tower on Zuberský kopec there is town Trhová Kamenice. Some important Jewish monuments you can overlook in the town Heřmanův Městec. In this territory you will find a lot of monuments, protected territory, interesting things, and places with beautiful views and with local specialities.

Orlické hory, Podorlicko, Broumovsko, Kladské pomezí, Králický Sněžník, Českomoravské pomezí, Podkrkonoší and Železné hory are contemporary attractive and recreational districts where a great deal of cultural monuments units with extraordinary beauty of mountains and foothills. The attraction of the whole region is multiplied by relatively mild climate and sufficiency of snow in alpine resorts in winter and sufficiency of mostly reconstructed bathing pools and number of river basins and stream-basins for summer visitors. The whole area is connected by long-line and local lane for cycling and hiking. With respect of auto-trip we recommend you to visit Národní hřebčín Kladruby nad Labem ( National horse-breeding farm ) and other micro regions of East Bohemia. Thank you very much for visiting our sites and we wish you amazing visit of tourist district East Bohemia and plenty of pleasant memories.

Rescue service in region
web title location ( phone Czech +420 )
Horská služba Orlické hory
Dům HS Deštné v Orl. horách nonstop 602 385 555, SOS linka 1210
HS Orlické hory
stanice HS Říčky v Orl. horách nonstop 602 385 555, SOS linka 1210
HS Orlické hory
stanice HS Čenkovice nonstop 602 385 555, SOS linka 1210
Horská služba Zieleniec ( PL )
stacja ratunkowa GOPR tel: nonstop +48 601 100 300
Horská služba Krkonoše
stanice HS Pec p. Sněžkou nonstop 602 448 338, SOS linka 1210
HS Krkonoše
stanice HS Špindlerův Mlýn nonstop 602 448 338, SOS linka 1210
HS Krkonoše
stanice HS Harrachov nonstop 602 448 338, SOS linka 1210
HS Jelenia Gora, Karpacz ( PL )
stacja ratunkowa GOPR tel: nonstop +48 601 100 300
Horská služba Dolní Morava
stanice HS Horní Morava nonstop 602 666 603, SOS linka 1210
HS Staré Město pod Sněžníkem
stanice HS Velké Vrbno nonstop 602 666 603, SOS linka 1210
HZS Hradec Králové
Hradec Králové nábř. U Přívozu 122/4
HZS Náchod / Trutnov
Velké Poříčí / Trutnov Náchodská 530 / Náchodská 475
HZS Rychnov n. K. / Jičín
Rychnov n. K. / Jičín Na Spravedlnosti 2010 / Dělnická 162
HZS Pardubice / Chrudim
Pardubice / Chrudim Teplého 1526 / Topolská 569
HZS Svitavy / Ústí n. O.
Svitavy / Ústí n. O. Olbrachtova 37 / Hylváty 5
Vodní záchranná služba Chrudim
přehrada Seč 608 545 889
VZS Pastviny
Klášterec nad Orlicí, Pastviny 776 102 360, 605 263 834
VZS Náchod
Rozkoš Č. Skalice 491 421 544, 603 222 494
Skalní záchr. služba Broumovsko
Teplice n. Metují Střm. podhradí, tel: 491 581 317, 607917434

Hospital in region
web location title ( phone Czech +420 )
prac. nemocnice Náchod Smetanova 91, tel: 491 413 111
Dvůr Králové n. Lab.
Městská nemocnice Vrchlického 1504, tel: 499 300 611
Hořice v Podkrkonoší
Městská nemocnice Riegrova 655, tel: 493 586 311
Hradec Králové
Fakultní nemocnice Sokolská 581, tel: 495 831 111
Chrudimská nemocnice Václavská 570, tel: 469 653 111
Oblastní nemocnice Bolzanova 512, tel: 493 582 111
Masarykova městská nemoc. Metyšova 465, tel: 481 551 111
Litomyšlská nemocnice Purkyňova 652, tel: 461 655 111
Oblastní nemocnice Purkyňova 446, tel: 491 601 111
Nový Bydžov
prac. nemocnice Jičín Malátova 493, tel: 495 490 321
Krajská nemocnice Kyjevská 44, tel: 466 011 111
Rychnov nad Kněž.
Oblastní nemocnice Jiráskova 506, tel: 494 502 111
Svitavská nemocnice Kollárova 7, tel: 461 569 111
Oblastní nemocnice Maxima Gorkého 77, tel: 499 866 111
Ústí nad Orlicí
Orlickoústecká nemocnice Čs.armády 1076, tel: 465 710 111
Českoněmecká nemocnice Fügnerova 50, tel: 499 502 111
Vysoké Mýto
Vysokomýtská nemocnice Hradecká 167, tel: 465 467 211

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